3 Cryptocurrencies Securing Blockchain Networks: Bitcoin, Chromia And Big Eyes Coin

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Cryptocurrencies were developed to facilitate borderless transactions without the use of a middleman. When they first appeared, there was a rising security issue them. However, over the years, the cryptocurrency market has prioritized security, particularly regarding new and developing projects appearing every day.

Established and emerging cryptocurrency projects are putting forth a lot of effort to safeguard their platforms so that hackers cannot access them. We will discuss the initiatives of Bitcoin, Chromia, and Big Eyes Coin today.


Bitcoin is a protocol that implements an open, decentralized ledger that is readily accessible. A user must demonstrate control over an entry in the ledger before the ledger can be updated. 2009 saw the release of Bitcoin, created by an unidentified creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Since then, Bitcoin has grown to be the most renowned cryptocurrency all over the world. Several other cryptocurrencies have been developed because of their popularity. These rivals want to surpass Bitcoin or offer cutting-edge technology in the cryptocurrency market in the form of security tokens. Bitcoin is well-known for its market instability and volatility, with both bullish and bearish patterns.


Chromia is a blockchain platform controlled by the community and primarily focuses on assisting users in creating safe, decentralized apps for use in the real world. Chromia intends to use its platform to help startups and large businesses investigate blockchain technology.

It utilizes a DeFi network that integrates nicely with Ethereum to speed up and reduce the cost of platform transactions. Chromia provides the same degree of decentralization, accessibility, and transparency as other public blockchains. In Chromia, suppliers take the place of miners. Users of the platform could utilize it as a public, personal, or hybrid blockchain at their discretion.

Big Eyes Coin

The Ethereum blockchain supports many DEXs, protocols, and dApps. It also serves as a platform for some of the most powerful blockchain networks. Big Eyes Coin is one of them. The future Ethereum blockchain introduction of the new meme coin Big Eyes Coin aims to fully utilize the network’s capabilities.

Due to the publicity generated by this meme coin, BIG has attracted a lot of attention. It has managed to win over people’s minds with its adorable cat mascot and convince them to sign up for the reservation of this project.

BIG made a lot of promises in the whitepaper they published on their website, including giving a set proportion of the presale revenues to charities that support the ocean and marine life. With Big Eyes Coin, the community members will also receive additional benefits while security and accountability are also prioritized. In recent months, Big Eyes Coin donated $1000 to the Luna Children initiative. It also announced that 5 percent of its entire profits would go towards marine conservation.

Big Eyes Coin is passionate about supporting communities outside the blockchain network. It has a long history with presales; its presale in the first week brought in $1 million. Early investors are already on board for this coin.

Final Thoughts

These three cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in the crypto community gradually. We may anticipate that these assets will be there for the long term because hundreds of investors are investing money daily into them.