COTI & Indigo Partnership Brings Users iAsset Trading & Minting CDPs Stability With Djed Collateral

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Blockchain-based decentralized finance is rapidly gaining in popularity. As a result of this trend, new asset forms are emerging to cater to a broader audience. One such asset form is synthetic assets, sometimes referred to as synths.

With synths, users can diversify their asset portfolio without actually owning the underlying asset through the use of synthetic assets platforms like Indigo-an algorithmic, autonomous synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets, built on Cardano, which COTI has just announce a new partnership with.

Through this partnership, Indigo users will be able to use DJED as collateral to mint and trade new iAssets.

Using a stablecoin such as DJED brings more stability to collateralized debt positions aka CDPs. Removing volatility from one side of the pair offers a more traditional investment approach and a lower risk assessment for users holding CDPs anchored on one-half by stablecoin.

By being the issuer of DJED, COTI will assume the responsibility of publishing the smart contracts for the stablecoin and of being the front end for engaging with funds, enterprises, developers, and others who wish to mint both the stablecoin and the reserve coin used as part of the pegging algorithm.

“At Indigo we aim to build one of the most disruptive and robust, yet simplified, financial applications with composability as a key area of focus in our vision. We further that mission and continue to build upon our rich portfolio of integration partnerships with COTI and believe that DJED will play a vital role in Cardano’s Defi landscape.” Eric Coley, CEO of Indigo

Indigo has a long-term vision to tokenize the real-world economy and will play a key role in both DeFi and RealFi by providing people & institutions exposure to assets they wouldn’t normally have access to. Indigo allows for the minting of synthetic assets (iAssets) for traders to gain price exposure to real-world assets. Additionally, iAssets enable significant advantages over traditional assets: users can hold them in fractional shares and trade them irrespective of their geographic location or market hours. Users can benefit from price exposure to the underlying asset without going through the obstacles of purchasing and holding custody of the asset. Enabling price exposure to assets via Indigo’s noncustodial & decentralized architecture unlocks opportunities for wealth creation at a global scale for anyone with an internet connection.

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