Pionex Review – Overview Of Fees, Features, Pros & Cons

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Automated trading bots have become extremely popular among cryptocurrency traders in the last two years. Trades can be readily executed using various crypto trading bot systems that use API Keys.

It takes a lot of effort, along with complex calculations and predictions, to broker a crypto deal in person. This is why automated tools, or crypto bots, handle most of today’s cryptocurrency trades. With the exception of the initial setup, crypto bots need no human intervention and are always alert.

There are a lot of reputable cryptocurrency bots. One of them is Pionex. Pionex is simple to use, and there are thorough tutorials that describe the bot’s functionality and recommended applications. Let’s have a look at the key features of Pionex, along with its pros and cons, to help you make a sound decision when you’re crypto trading.


Pionex is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that came into being in 2020. It is backed by investments in fiat currency and by aggregating liquidity from the most well-known crypto exchanges available on the internet. Pionex has managed to accomplish the position of a significant and prominent exchange. It is a good addition to the realm of every enthusiastic day trader and has complete licenses.

The 16 free trading bots that are included with the platform are Pionex’s most notable feature. Traders have a plethora of choices, and you can customize the bots’ behavior by setting particular parameters.

The DCA bot of Pionex is quite well known. With the help of this bot, users can schedule a series of purchase orders to be completed at specific intervals. The bot will buy at the current market rate instead of a preset price at each of your selected intervals. You can get the best overall average pricing using this strategy.

The trailing sell bot is another important offering. This bot was developed to help investors who frequently sell their investments too quickly while the market is rising. With the trailing sell bot, you may specify the number of target prices which will increase in value over time.

The bot will instantly sell a specific portion of your remaining shares each time one of your goals is reached. Additionally, this strategy reduces the potential loss of funds in the event of an unanticipated market turnabout.

The fact that Pionex bots are incorporated and merged into the exchange is their best benefit. You may need to connect other bots to a different cryptocurrency trading platform to use them. With Pionex, it is easy to execute trades because there are no compatibility problems, and it begins to function as soon as your registration is completed.

Pionex trading bots are also a good option for people without no prior expertise with trading bots. The AI 2.0 Grid Trading bot is the best option for beginners because it is easy to use, has an APR of 153.4% and allows you to start generating money immediately without establishing complicated parameters.

Crypto trading bots offered by Pionex simplify trading on the cryptocurrency market. These bots collect market data and analyze it following a set of parameters to find the best opportunities and implement positions. They reduce the requirement for constant supervision. Since most complex bots need client software and coding expertise, the lack of setup needed for Pionex bots is a clear advantage for this exchange.

Furthermore, Pionex allows manual trading among some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Trades can have stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stops set up on the Smart Trade terminal. Nevertheless, unlike certain exchanges, the site only permits crypto-to-crypto trading. This means that you are unable to fill your account with fiat money using a credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Additionally, Pionex provides access to more than 120 cryptocurrencies, including the most well-known ones like LTC, BTC, SOL, ETH, DOGE, DOT, SHIB, and TRX. You can either buy them off the market or use bots to exchange them.

Signing up with Pionex is extremely easy. All you have to do is click the signup option that you will see on their website and then fill out a really short online form so that you can generate your login details. You can choose to raise your withdrawal limits as well. You will need to provide your phone number or email in order to be granted a verification code.

The Apple and Google Play stores include Pionex for mobile devices. With this ease, you may arrange your bots or make manual transactions whenever and wherever you like. The application provides plugins that support improved trade and decision-making. Additionally, it provides the same safety and mobility for crypto trading as those found on legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges.

Pionex is also one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Most of its trades take place on Huobi and Binance, so Pionex’s security depends upon these platforms’ stability.

Since receiving the license in April 2020, Pionex has registered as a Money Services Business. Due to Pionex’s maker-taker fee structure, you will be charged when you execute trades that add liquidity to the market or remove liquidity from the marketplace. Pionex charges taker and maker fees at a fixed rate of 0.05% of your entire transaction value.

When your deal closes, your fee is deducted from the remaining balance transferred to your account. If you’re a trader with a significant volume, you may also want to register for the Market Maker program at Pionex. You must deposit at least $300,000 into your account to be eligible for the Market Maker program.

You can also qualify if you keep the equal amount of $300,000 USD in another accepted token or coin. If you are eligible for this program, maker fees will be waived, while taker fees will remain at 0.05%.

Additionally, Pionex offers an ETH staking platform that helps experienced and novice traders make completely transparent, no-leverage investments in crypto assets on the Lido or Curve platforms. Trading Ethereum tokens to gain money is one of the simplest investing options available to Pionex users.

Key Features

  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Over 16 trading bots
  • More than 40 crypto coins are accepted
  • No minimum deposit needed
  • Customized time filters
  • Crypto to crypto transfers are available
  • The grid bot and spot future arbitrage bots enable leverage trading and manual trading
  • Best for novice traders
  • Safe and secure
  • TradingView charts
  • Impeccable interface
  • No setup required
  • Supports stablecoins
  • No monthly subscription fees


Pionex’s first advantage is that it’s a fantastic resource for learning about trading bots. All its 16 bots have a thorough tutorial that covers all the necessary information.

The second benefit of Pionex is its friendly customer service. It’s possible to speak with a customer service representative using the Live Chat feature in under a minute, which is extremely outstanding. The customer service representatives are highly accommodating and will address any queries you may have.

Additionally, they offer an alluring fee-sharing arrangement that enables Pionex users to make legitimate earnings and passive revenue.

The ability to trade on particular coins with up to 3x leverages is another advantage of Pionex. For instance, while EOS, ALGO, VET, and others have almost 2x leverage, ETH, BTC, XRP, and BNB get up to 3x leverage.

Pionex has a high level of network liquidity. It is now one of the largest brokers for Binance and a global leader in market-making for Huobi.

Users particularly value Pionex’s lack of a minimum deposit requirement, balance level, or funding cost because it eliminates the need for any assets registered in your name to begin using their services.


The absence of a demo account for practice trading is Pionex’s main drawback. It would have been great if Pionex had provided a demo option so that users could test out the various bots and their trading techniques before investing real money. Additionally, Pionex does not give you a choice to finance your account with fiat currency.

Another downside is that Pionex’s free and regular plans don’t offer as many features as their competitors. This means you will have to opt for the paid version to utilize the high-end features of Pionex trading bots. 

Final Verdict

Pionex can be a great choice for you if you’re a cryptocurrency trader who enjoys utilizing crypto trading bots. Compared to other crypto exchanges, it has the least cost, which allows you to use the bot while saving a ton of money.

Overall, Pionex is a powerful player in the crypto exchange industry. Their bots are sufficient for experienced pros who desire a slight edge over the opposition that they may design themselves. The combination of a beginner-friendly strategy with rock-solid efficiency covers everything a trader could possibly want from any cryptocurrency automation software. Create your free account on Pionex today and start trading like a pro!