Review Of Blockchain Certified Expert/ Developer Course By Moralis Academy

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Blockchain technology has become extremely popular in the last few years, especially due to the increased value of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s technology was initially employed to manage transactions and secure the cryptocurrency. However, today, blockchain serves many different purposes and is expected to be employed in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and several other areas. Since blockchain has immense potential, many people are interested in learning about them.

Online courses offer an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain. Several courses are available on different websites today. One example is the Blockchain Certified Expert/Developer course by the Moralis Academy. In this article, we will review this course to determine whether it is worth enrolling in it or not. If you would like to hear from top professionals walking the talk before deciding if this is right for you, you can register and attend this free webinar on how to effortlessly learn, grow and scale a Blockchain career.

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Blockchain Certified Expert/ Developer Course

It has become apparent within the last few decades that blockchain technology is here to remain. Being a blockchain programmer is already proven to be among the best methods to boost your income because of the growing demand for blockchain developers. 

A fantastic place to begin your study in this field is with this Blockchain-certified expert course. According to the course, developing into a true professional will only take six months. The most remarkable feature is that learning blockchains through this course will not require you to be an IT expert. No prior coding knowledge is necessary since Moralis Academy will teach you all the essentials!

The goal of this course is to introduce students to blockchain technology and some of its potential uses. It includes information about distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and blockchain structure, among other things. Beginners can become familiar with this cutting-edge innovation and establish a career in the Web3 sector with the help of this program.

One of the issues people face when learning about blockchain is that they cannot give enough time to it due to other commitments. Moralis Academy addresses this problem by offering flexible schedules to keep the users in mind. You can select any time, and they will tailor your education to suit your schedule and preferences.

There are three main alternatives available for you to choose from.

The first is full-time study, which requires a minimum of six months and six hours a day of study. The second choice is the part-time study schedule, which calls for 4 hours per day and at least eight months of study. The final choice is the Free-Time Study plan, which requires a minimum of one year and consists of one hour daily.

You can choose from more than 30 in-depth courses at the Moralis Academy. New courses are always available, and your yearly plan includes access to them at no extra cost. The following list includes some courses that are a part of the Blockchain Certified Expert/Developer Program.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Revolution

This course will assist you in knowing the background of money, which is important to comprehend how the financial system works. You won’t get bored because it includes videos and pictures as well as detailed notes about the history of virtual currencies.

Anil, the course instructor, guides you on a trip of money, covering everything from fiat money to bartering. You’ll comprehend the creation of money, the use of gold as money, and a lot more. After completing this course, you’ll have a good grasp of how the present monetary system operates. You will also learn why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are so groundbreaking.

Blockchain Business Master Class

Anyone interested in working for a blockchain company should take this course. Blockchain-based businesses are rapidly growing, and if you want to become an expert as quickly as possible, you must be familiar with the technologies such businesses utilize.

Take an in-depth look into Web3 project management with Ivan Liljeqvist. Learn how conventional IT infrastructure functions and how to integrate decentralization into these current Web3 product platforms. You will acquire the skills and self-assurance necessary to lead teams and projects, whether for your own company or as a member of a bigger organization.

Decentralized Finance 

Through this course, you can get the foundational information required to delve further into the fascinating world of decentralized finance. Defi applications, smart contracts, blockchain ledgers, and more are all part of it. The course explains how these developments can be applied and utilized daily.

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading course allows you to learn the basics of technical indicators and methods to interpret price movement on your preferred cryptocurrency markets. Chris Bailey created this course for complete beginners. He is a programmer, futures and forex trader, cryptocurrency investor, and owner of a technical analysis website for the German DAX.

Chris uses his scientific analysis and coding expertise to create a variety of automated trading methods, indicators, research, and algorithms to trade various financial assets, including forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

You’ll learn how to trade using technical analysis to guide your judgments. You will be able to understand the causes and effects of market movement, the significance of support and opposition, and the proper use of Trading View in your plans.

Blockchain and Web3 Programming

The course’s teacher is Zsolt Nagy. In 2006, he began working as a backend web developer before switching to frontend development. Zsolt has been using JavaScript for the past ten years.

He has recruited several top-notch engineers while serving as a team leader, product developer, and tech leader. In addition to writing JavaScript code, Zsolt mentors students and instructs boot camps at several coding institutions. He will give you a programming crash course and demonstrate how to use JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Moralis to create your own DEX. After completing this course, you will be prepared to learn more about Web3 development.

Blockchain Job Search and Study Guide

It can be challenging, frustrating, and demanding to search for Crypto and Web3 jobs. Your job hunt will be much facilitated by the professional job search advice and strategies in this program. Since 2017, the course’s teacher Lizette has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry. She is also known as Bitcoin Liz on YouTube and Twitter.

She will impart her professional wisdom to help you remain concentrated, upbeat, and self-assured throughout your job hunt. You’ll discover what qualities Web3 recruiters seek and tips on creating a stellar profile. You will learn how to prepare for job interviews, how to respond to some of the most typical interview queries, and much more after taking this course.

You will be given a verified certificate upon course completion that is generally accepted in the business. When you seek employment in the cryptocurrency industry, it will be useful. The Moralis Academy has certified more than 35,000 students, and the number is growing quickly every day.


  • Extensive course outline
  • Qualified experts
  • Manageable deadlines
  • Flexible time schedules
  • Certificates are provided timely
  • Increased chance of gaining lucrative jobs
  • Personal study counselors available
  • Active investors available for guidance
  • Payment discounts available in special cases


There are many advantages to this Blockchain Certified Expert course. First off, their vast alumni and business networks will help you land a job more quickly. Second, you gain relevant and up-to-date information because the course is regularly updated.

With the largest blockchain classrooms ever and a large student body worldwide, the Moralis Academy will support you in your endeavor. Additionally, the course provides an entirely flexible timetable, allowing you to learn whenever and however you like. Finally, you will have the opportunity to hear the ideas of seasoned innovators and top industry leaders working today.


The fact that the courses are displayed after logging in, but there is no guidance on which to take first based on your ability level is a downside of this Blockchain Certified Expert course. A particular sequence should have been followed to prevent confusion among beginners.

Additionally, the Moralis Academy lags occasionally and isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Thirdly, not all classes have notes provided, so you’ll need to prepare your own, which may be a problem for some students.

Final Verdict

Overall, enrolling in this course will undoubtedly transform your perspective on blockchain technology. It will produce positive outcomes for both your knowledge and employment placements. Whether you want to invest, change careers, or are just curious about cutting-edge technologies, the expertise you’ll learn here is distinctive and in-depth.

However, you need to actively study and take notes properly. Just watching the videos or listening to lectures won’t be enough. You should review the lectures and note down important points. If anything is unclear, you should try to learn more about it through other sources. If you don’t take the course seriously, you won’t gain anything from it and only end up losing your money. So, only enroll in the course if you can put effort into learning about blockchain to become an expert. You can enroll here to get Blockchain certified in 6 months and the get jobs in demand.