TAMA Is Up 170% This Year And There Appears To Be No Stopping It

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A variety of cryptocurrencies

There has been a lot of buzz about the cryptocurrency industry and the current decline in coin prices. However, according to crypto experts, numerous options can still provide you with opportunities to generate money while the market battles to emerge from its most recent decline.

One of the finest investment tips for anyone joining the cryptocurrency field is to look for high-value coins currently being sold and have the potential to soar once they gain attention. Tamadoge (TAMA) is an example of such a cryptocurrency. Let’s examine what TAMA is and the reasons behind its surge and popularity.

Tamadoge: An Introduction

TAMA is the native token for Tamadoge. It is a Dogecoin that intends to combine blockchain gaming features with meme coins’ propensity for unexpected gains. The digital asset was developed as a native token for its gaming environment, allowing users to enter a universe where they may compete for dominance and earn money while playing their preferred video game.

It always had the potential to be a successful project because it was one of the few meme coins with genuine utility. Numerous specialists anticipate that TAMA will surge even more in the upcoming months due to its tremendous achievements.

Doges, electronic creatures represented by NFTs, can be bred by players in Tamadoge. As players level up, they can earn extra doges and TAMA tokens. Everybody will be able to mint doges using Tamadoge, and users will be able to breed, teach, and compete with their Tamadoge NFTs to reach the top of the leaderboard.

The play-to-earn options will eventually incorporate augmented reality activities, enabling your NFT to interact with its Tamaverse companions. That being said, Tamadoge is essentially the vision and bright future of the Play-to-Earn paradigm.

How Much Has TAMA Gained So Far?

Among the most intriguing assets on the marketplace so far has been TAMA. On the Tamadoge site, the asset is up for presale currently, and early buyers can purchase it. An individual token was priced at $0.01 at the beginning of the TAMA presale. However, a surge in investments has raised the currency’s price to $0.027. Thanks to a 170% rise in less than three months, TAMA has established itself as a dependable option for anyone trying to make money and gain from the crypto sector.

The creators of Tamadoge confirmed that they had collected $15 million from the presale of the unique token. However, as developers work to complete the platform’s launch and all of its extra features, Tamadoge is considering additional and far more appealing investment opportunities.

Along with working on the platform, Tamadoge’s developers are boosting fan interaction efforts. For example, they just announced a $100,000 contest, allowing local community members to participate via social media to boost their popularity and reputation even further.

The platform’s social media features and enthusiasm excite customers, but Tamadoge’s developers are still working to find the right partnerships to boost their ecosystem. By working with Transak, they were able to use Fiat On-Ramps. This enables customers in more than 15 countries to purchase ETH using credit cards and instantly convert them to TAMA. People signing up for Tamadoge can simply purchase ETH using various payment methods supported by Transak, including GooglePay, ApplePay, Maya, Pix, Credit/Debit Card or bank transfer.

Final Thoughts

TAMA is poised for even higher gains and will experience even more spikes soon because new advancements are on the horizon and the TAMA presale is about to end. Therefore, it is a fantastic alternative to consider if you want to invest in cryptocurrency.