Will the Lucky Block Altcoin Revolutionize Lotteries In The Metaverse?

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For years now, the cryptocurrency market has been dominated by the same major players, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether to name the top three. That said, new altcoins enter the market every year, and some of them often prove to be valuable investments. One cryptocurrency that emerged recently is Lucky Block, and it may just be the best investment you can make in 2022.

Lucky Block’s Presale Hype

In order to generate interest in their blockchain platform, Lucky Block held a pre-sale of their LBLOCK altcoin prior to the platform’s official launch. The pre-sale enabled early adopters to purchase LBLOCK tokens at a discount. The pre-sale sold out within the first 50 days and raised $5.7 million USD.

The Historic Launch of Lucky Block

Lucky Block launched earlier this year on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Pancakeswap. Within the first 48 hours, Lucky Block achieved a market capitalization over $100 million; a feat not many other tokens have accomplished. It’s spectacular start on the market is why many are calling Lucky Block the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.

What Makes the Lucky Block Altcoin Unique?

These days, altcoins are fighting tooth and nail to make a name for themselves on the cryptocurrency market. Lucky Block has succeeded in setting itself apart from the rest of the market thanks to its crypto-lottery platform. Lucky Block uses blockchain technology to innovate upon the traditional lottery, and improve the experience of participating in a lottery, for all stakeholders.

Lucky Block’s next goal is to use its platform to create a global lottery, one that offers each participant greater odds of earning rewards than any traditional lottery.

How Lucky Block Works

Members of the Lucky Block platform can purchase LBLOCK tokens, and in turn use these tokens to purchase lottery tickets. These lottery tickets then allow users to enter into a lottery, and win more LBLOCK tokens. By using the LBLOCK token, the Lucky Block lottery system is far more efficient than traditional lotteries, as winners can receive their winnings instantly, within the need to pay taxes or fill out extra paper work. What’s more, the platform is able to host several lotteries every day.

How Lucky Block Is Helping Others

Lucky Block wants to use its platform for the betterment of the world. To this end, the platform regularly gives 10% of its earnings to notable charities. In fact, the platform used its pre-sale earnings to make a sizeable donation to Red Cross, even prior to their official launch.

How To Invest in Lucky Block

For those interested in trying their luck in the Lucky Block lottery, the process is incredibly simple. If you don’t already have your own crypto wallet, on platforms such as Coinbase and MetaMask. Next, you’ll need to purchase BNB, Binance’s native cryptocurrency. From there, you can exchange BNB for LBLOCK tokens on Pancakeswap.

The Future of Lucky Block

At the time of writing, LBLOCK is priced at $0.0007975, with a market cap of $32,175,542. The creators of Lucky Block have already laid out an extensive road map of future plans, such as a mobile app, merchandise and NFTs. With this future in mind, the value of Lucky Block is predicted to rise, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.