Binance.US Listing COTI For USD-USDT Pairs May Signal Viper Wallet Use & Staking For USA Citizens Coming Soon

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The announcement of COTI’s listing on Binance.US is a big new for COTI investors in the United States, as they now have more options when it comes to buying, selling or trading COTI/USD or COTI/USDT. Investors are aware that more crypto exchange options to choose from, they can make the best decision on features and benefits such as competitive trading (maker/taker), deposit & withdrawal fees as you can see from Binance.Us fee schedule

According to COTI, being listed on Binance.US opens a whole new market share, and the company welcome all US Binance users to the COTI community.

Deposits opened on April 5th with the COTI/USD and COTI/USDT pairs with trading commencing on April 6th at 12pm UTC. Investors can also buy COTI with bank transfer (ACH), debit card, or wire transfer once trading goes live. While exchanges such as Coinbase currently only supports COTI running on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20), Binance.US supports Ethereum (ERC20) and BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) COTI deposits and withdrawals.

COTI’s listing on Binance.US may also serve as a positive indication to US investors and citizens who have been eagerly asking when COTI staking and the ability to use viper wallet will be available for US citizens. Although no one knows for sure how soon this may happen, however, if these development is anything to go by, it is a reason to be optimistic about future possibility because one commonality between both Binance.Us and COTI is strict KYC requirement.

At the moment, US clients can buy native $COTI from a few exchanges such as Kucoin, but if their intention was to hodl, stake, or benefit from COTI Treasury, they really won’t be able to participate in it. For US investors planning to hodl native COTI, their only option is to leave them in exchange account (which isn’t really advisable since that’s not the purpose of an exchange) or to try and bridge them over to ERC20/BEP20/BEP2 to enable them hold in a different wallet. There is no alternate work-around for staking native COTI, unless such a US client holds dual citizenship.

So it easy to understand why being able to use COTI viper wallet is of great interest and importance to USA investor. It will give them the ability to freely hold native $COTI, stake, join contests, and fully participate in the COTI Treasury where users are rewarded with $COTI for their participation.

With crypto regulations still largely remaining unclear, it is safe to assume that COTI is trying to strictly adhere to government laws & regulations in any country they enter including the USA. As a layer 1 payment and fully-encompassing next-generation financial system, COTI’s ground up implementation of KYC requirement for users globally puts it in an excellent position to be in compliance with future US crypto regulation.

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